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Tara & The Elder

Hello everyone. I just wanted to let you know I now have a musical compadre in Tara Bond. She brings with her an amazing voice and cutting sense of humor. We are now booking shows as duos. You will still…

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Winter to Summer 

Since I moved back to Cincinnati from San Diego, the weather has been a bit odd. It seems we really never got a proper spring. We seemed to have a winter/spring this year. Lets just forget about that oddity and…

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Hey friends. Looking for something to do on New Years Eve? Of course you are. Fortunately I'm working that night which means you can stop in and see me and have a few drinks, sing a couple of songs. Heck…

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New GREAT Bookings 

Hey everyone. Just a quick update. I will posting some new bookings on my schedule hopefully by the end of the week. Should be posting for New Years at an old stomping ground. Will also be posting a couple of…

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